Sunday, August 17, 2008

Clebrating 30 years of Love

Last Night Bob and I were at a wedding. Bob officiated. Tom and Carlos , two older gentleman we have known for four years now, exchanged their vows in light of Californias understanding that marriage and who we marry is a right.

They told the story of how 30 years ago they exchanged vows in secret with the help of a radically inclusive Jesuit priest. That priest is now retired and is, at the age of 84, touring India. Since those days many freinds of theirs have left us. As a matter of fact the priest is the only one of their freinds from that time who is still alive.

Their living room last night was the sight of the ceremony. 75 people packed into the room as they celebrated their love for one another. As they told their story tears filled the eyes of many a spectator. As they exchanged their vows and spoke of hard times and good times and a love that endured them all there was not a dry eye in the place.

For Tom and Carlos this was not a political event. For the freinds who joined them this was not a political event. This was a celebration of 30 years of Love. I look forward to the day when all over the world we can all celebrate our loves. Blessings to tom and Carlos and I thank them for allowing me to share in their Love.

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