Friday, June 20, 2008

The City; A Living Document

When was the last time you actually walked around the city? When was the last time you paid attention to what lines are drawn? Today we just went out and walked for our spiritual reflection. The C.L.U.E. office is just across the freeway from the financial district of Los Angeles. This was once a neighborhood that had seen better days. There are visual signs of the pain of the lives forfeited here. Buildings plea for repairs that no one is interested in or perhaps cannot afford to do and yet the city encroaches. There are two brand new schools in the neighborhood and low income housing has been torn down to build another new school. For who? There are new expensive condos and apartments arising around the old wood framed bungalow apartments. People are being displaced as young families move closer to their work places. The rush to suburbia seems to be over as downtown is becoming bright shiny and new. Yet where are the low income workers going? Who is being displaced? Who mourns a culture and neighborhood gone for the want of progress?

Much of this reminds me of my families old homesteads in Pole town. Pole town is nothing but a GM plant and its once thriving polish residents scattered to the wind. So who are being scattered by the new wind that is blowing in downtown Los Angeles?

Just a wondering

Interfaith worker summer

The past 3 weeks I have been invovled in training to work as an intern with Clergy and Laity united for economic Justice better known as C.L.U.E. L.A. I am technically an intern with a chicago based oraganization know as interfaith workers for social Justice IWJ who is placed at clue.

I thought I would be approaching this from a pastoral/chaplaincy pooint of veiw yet so far I have been highly dissapointed. I feel that I have been abused 12 hour training days. Made to walk picket lines where people abused and shouted at innocent people. Yesterday we were asked to walk a picket line in over a 100 degree temprature.

The logic expressed to me was the employers do this to the workers so we stand in solidarity with the worker, yet I see it as we stand in solidarity with the employer perpertrating the same crime upon students who are afraid to stand up for themselves. Worse the supervisor left after the 1st hour leaving the the students to fend for themselves.

I really question if this is the right place for me?

please pray for me.

Rev. Joe